Wall Hugger Recliners

When it comes to recliners there are many options. Some recliners are quite big and need some space behind them in order for the reclining mechanism to work. These are great for those with large houses or apartments. Having plenty of room behind your recliner may not be possible for everyone. Those living in smaller houses, apartments or condos may want to enjoy the benefits of a recliner but are worried that they don’t have enough room. Well that is where wall hugger recliners come in.

A wall hugger recliner is designed to sit only inches from the wall and will be able to recline in this position. They are great for saving space and are a perfect choice for those with a limited amount of room.

You can find a wall hugger recliner in a host of different styles, sizes and colours. Check out your local furniture store or online store for examples of some of the stylish, practical designs which are available.

Experience The Benefits of Wall Hugger Recliners

Recliners have become one of the most popular choices these days when it comes to chairs and sofas. Everyone wants to feel relaxed while sitting in their own home after a day at work. And nothing is more relaxing then watching television in a recliner.

There is really nothing worse than sitting in your own sofa to watch some television or to just relax, and feeling stiff and sore when you get up. A recliner has been designed specifically to provide the ultimate relaxation experience in your own home. There are recliners available to suit a range of budgets so there is one for everyone. And if you prefer a wall hugger recliner then this is no different.

Wall Huggers - The Ultimate For Limited Space

For those with a small amount of space, a wall hugger recliner will allow them to take advantage of the comfort and style that a recliner can provide. There are many manufacturers who will make both a rocking recliner and a wall hugger recliner version of the same chair or sofa so that there is a choice for everyone. This means that if you see a rocker recliner sofa or chair that you like, you should definitely ask if there is a wall hugger recliner version available too if that is what would suit your requirements better.